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Happiness is Saving a Relationship!

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Saving a relationship could be one of the most rewarding things that should ever do in life.  We may try to convince yourself otherwise, but relationships are pivotal to who we are as human beings, so saving a relationship can bring an enormous amount of happiness into our lives and into the lives of others.

The Value of Saving a Relationship

The first thing to recognize when considering saving a relationship is the value of that relationship.  Ask yourself the questions, does this person bring me joy, does this person add to my life and, most importantly, have made a difference in the other person’s life?  Sometimes when we look at our relationships with others we focus on the negative rather than positive aspects, and then it is tempting to simply write off that person and walk away.  If that person has any value in your eyes, if they have brought you joy or contributed in a positive way to your life, then the value of saving a relationship like that becomes clear.

In a world where the mantra is, “What’s in it for me,” it is tempting to go from relationship to relationship seeking personal satisfaction.  This type of lifestyle is heavily promoted in movies and on television, but the reality is that saving a relationship is far more satisfying and life-changing than tossing it away and moving on to the next person!

The Cost of Saving a Relationship

However, there is a cost involved in saving a relationship!  Walking away is the easy option, but staying and fighting for something that is valuable to you, while being the most difficult option, is also the most satisfying and very often in the long run the healthiest.

Anything of value will cost you something, and when it comes to saving a relationship there a definite costs involved.  Most often you will be required to change rather than your partner, but if you decide to change yourself than you would discover that your partner will begin to change in their attitude and actions towards you.  By focusing on changing yourself, you may find that saving relationship is much easier than you initially imagined.

Long-term relationships are not a 50-50 situation.  They are not a give and take situation.  Saving a relationship is really about both parties giving 100%, not 50-50!  It is about having a give and give situation, not a give and take.  You may have to change your attitude towards things your partner does, you may have to bite your tongue when you are angry, or you may have to speak out when you have previously been silent.  Whatever changes required on your part, there will definitely be costs involved in saving a relationship.

The Joy of Saving a Relationship

Although there are costs involved, the Joy of saving a relationship is of joy like no other!  A long-term relationship saved is one that can build into a lifetime of joy and happiness, shared with your partner and your best friend all rolled into one.  You don’t have to move from relationship to relationship looking for the perfect guy or girl, you don’t need to constantly meet new people and you don’t need to have the string of broken relationships over many years.

If you really love someone and if you believe that you belong together, be prepared to pay the cost and experience the joy of saving a relationship rather than the heartache of breaking up.

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July 4th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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